Hi I'm Preston Alcoholic. In 2010 at the bottom of my addiction and disease I tried to kill myself by starting a fire. It did alot of damage and I was given supervision under a mental health court instead of going to prison. The idea of telling anyone that wasn't already under the same court has been horrifying to me for years. I've avoided alot of interactions out of the fear that someone would google my name and find the article about the fire. I'm finally starting to heal enough to talk about my past without shame. Acknowledging it happened but not living in fear of my past. I feel the most unshackled then I have in 10 years. The real healing all started a few days ago. I was trying to do everything possible to use search engine optimization to knock the article about the fire off the front page from my Google results. I made blogs, I uploaded about 50 pictures of my face to wikipedia. I was driving home from my friends house and I saw a homeless person on the side of the road begging for change. I have before in the past given them a bottle of water instead of money. I got an idea why not try to encourage other people to give out water to panhandlers they see during their daily commutes. I made a website and a Facebook page and I'm really jazzed up about the whole thing. Thanks I'm Preston Alcoholic


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