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Meatbags are controlled by their soul typewriter their soul typewriter can only send information down to the meatbag on Earth can't hear all the thoughts of rheir typewriter sometimes meatbags can malfunction and receive and receive extra streams of information this may cause mental illness.
9.24.19 Dr inco jones
The world is a collection of meatbags controlled by type writers that live inside the sun. Each individual on the Planet contributes to the greater good and wealth of our creator (🌞) (🌕) they love us very much and decided creativity would expand if each meatbag became middle class. Pete Buttigieg said he wants universal basic assets. He must closely work with the sun 🌞 god

Sun god

I am proud to be an American where atleast I know we're free and I won't forget the meatbags that died that gave that right to me. I will proudly stand up next to you and defense her still today for there ain't no doubt I love this land 🌞 god bless the UNited American
Mirrors on the ceiling pink Champaign on ice we are all just prisoners here of our own device. Relax said the nightman we are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like but you may never leave. Welcome to the hotel California.

Mayor Pete

I would like to tell you about my friend Mayor Pete. Pete has military service record that is one of the most impressive I've ever seen.  <Insert good platitudes about Pete> Pete wants the poorest American to be middle class and with his work with the and Miranda GORBIS they have collaborated to solve the biggest issues our world faces. Thanks my name is and I work at Microsoft doing public relations.
Hi my name is and I'm writing you an email today to tell you about Pete Buttigieg's new social movement about how he wants a constitutional amendment to raise the lowest person in poverty to middle class I believe his goals are completely achievable within the next 10 years. I sincerely hope he wins the election and saved the world from poverty.

I also wanted to tell you about another website I'm working on it's a movement trying to get people to donate more to the homeless and also fundraising. 
Water on Wheels is not a 501(c)(3) and has no need for donations but below I have put a few non-profits that could use your good will, The donations are processed through Facebook and are tax deductible
Anyways thanks for your time and God bless America 🙏🙏 😇

People Helping People

Help people and help myself, everyone loves a recovery story overcoming mental illness and being a good example. As it stands with my background I would be unable to walk into a VC fund and pitch them my startup ideas. But if I build a solid reputation of helping people first then I believe doors will open.
Hey, Its Preston hope you join me this weekend

Begin Descent

Tfw the Bible was just the of the year 0001 — at PCC Cascade Campus.

The Booze

Thank you to everyone who donated to my Birthday fundraiser
I love this movie

Open Letter to Governor Kate Brown

Hello Kate, I really like the things you do for the state of Oregon and will continue to vote for you. Its so nice to have such a strong woman in the position you are in. I met you while I was a client at the Oregon State Hospital and we took a picture together. That was a really cool day. I'm sorry about the misunderstanding there was with the other consumer in my party who handed you a suspicious piece of paper that had to be investigated. He is a good guy but was just sick. I am not sure how they are doing now.
My Name is Preston Berman and I would like to write to you today about what I think is unfair to individuals that were adjudicated guilty except for insanity because they were unable to conform their conduct to the standards and expectations of the law at the time of the instant offense due to the individual suffering from a severe mental condition. As it stands the law was modified to no longer require individuals in my position to receive the maximum sentence allowed …
People that want to win the lottery don't realize that just by being born in this country we have already won.
What I like about my idea is that its completely decentralized everyone buys their own water and there's 0 need for donations so I can fund raise for non profits I care a lot about.
I really appreciate everyone's help with
Man just smiling at random people on the street that pass you and smile is so good Instead of just walk around shit face oblivious to everyone
Having a cool evening with some friends at Ctrl-H
Hi I'm Preston Alcoholic. In 2010 at the bottom of my addiction and disease I tried to kill myself by starting a fire. It did alot of damage and I was given supervision under a mental health court instead of going to prison. The idea of telling anyone that wasn't already under the same court has been horrifying to me for years. I've avoided alot of interactions out of the fear that someone would google my name and find the article about the fire. I'm finally starting to heal enough to talk about my past without shame. Acknowledging it happened but not living in fear of my past. I feel the most unshackled then I have in 10 years. The real healing all started a few days ago. I was trying to do everything possible to use search engine optimization to knock the article about the fire off the front page from my Google results. I made blogs, I uploaded about 50 pictures of my face to wikipedia. I was driving home from my friends house and I saw a homeless person on the side …
I just think if our consciousness is eternal then whatever is after this life will be there in 100 years or 1000 years whats the hurry.

Monkey selfie

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My friend peer pressured me into getting Tonkotsu-shio Ramen was the best ramen ive ever had... until now ive only had the microwave kind
Slobby Joe and Blue Cheese Salad
Lox and Whitefish Salad on Everything Bagel and a side of Matzoh Ball Soup
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I programmed it to work at my gym now.. I really need to start going regularly again.